Baja Vacation Extreme

Are you one of those people who does things on an extreme level? Do you like to Kite Board ? We have one of the five world class kiteboarding beaches in the world here at Los Barriles and exotikite is the premier teaching and rental company in the area.

Travel Planning Service

Let East Cape Management help make your next visit spectacular. We can arrange many things for you. Cars, employees, adventures. Just ask Julie.

Los Barriles Restaurants

Foodies love Los Barriles. We have a fantastic assortment of restaurants, from simple sodas, to Buffetts and some where you don’t ask how much and don’t go unless your ready to spend $100 or more. Just look at our restaurant page for some ideas.

Kiteboarding Baja Los Barriles

Man does it blow. The wind I mean. It blows and the waves kick up and the sky fills with kites and sailors boards and birds all competing for king of flight.

Hot Sun and Sand

Our beaches are remote, desolate, unforgiving, yet life affirming, interesting, exciting, and adventurous. Our skies are filled with the sails of kite boarders, our seas with the tug of line between the Marlin and the Sportsman. Bars are lazy as we sleep early and quite soundly here in our secret paradise.