East Cape Activities

East Side Epic

Sea Desert Ride. The Eastside Epic Sunday February 4th 2024

Looking for an adventure on two wheels? And what better way to support our community and the education of our kids!

While cycling in the beautiful and challenging environment where the desert meets the sea, inspiration came freely for this event as gratitude filled my being. On the first Sunday in each February participants line up to give themselves a healthy challenge while giving back to this incredible community.

We race for a reason: A chance to meet fellow cyclists and work toward building a better community. Our participants provide the momentum that helps effect change. Although cycling is a solitary endeavor, really we are all on the same team. The proceeds provide funds to deserving students which enables them to continue their education

The Eastside Epic bike race is less than a month away. Line up at the start on February 4th with friends old and new to enjoy some time on your bike. Your 600 peso entry fee goes to the East Cape Guild to pay education expenses for local kids. Thanks to our Epic Sponsors and Volunteers, we have excellent prizes and swag. 

Go to the web site link below for more information on the great bicycle race in Baja California, Sur.