East Cape Adventures with Julie

Hot Sun and Sand

Our beaches are remote, desolate, unforgiving, yet life affirming, interesting, exciting, and adventurous. Our skies are filled with the sails of kite boarders, our seas with the tug of line between the Marlin and the Sportsman. Bars are lazy as we sleep early and quite soundly here in our secret paradise.

The sun was so hot this morning as I walked along planning my breakfast at my favorite Los Barriles restaurant. I thought I might be better off in shoes, but instead kicked off my sandals and ran along the water’s edge to keep my feet cool. Young surfers trying out dinky waves. Because we are on the inside of the peninsula, in the Sea of Cortez does not produce the kind of waves that drive surfers crazy. Kite boarders love it here because the wind is steady and strong.

Now sipping my cappuccino watching the citizens wander about I know that here, where the sun and sand is so hot it burns, I am home.